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Jun 17, 2018

Hello everybody! It's here, it's really here! Episode 100 of It Gets Weird has landed and we have a special one for the occasion. This week, Kyle and Nile strap on their best tinfoil hats and Alex Jones impersonations to have the ultimate debate: Hollow Earth or Flat Earth? We got friend of the podcast Collin (from sister podcast Pop Culture Role Call) on to act as moderator of this intense debate. He is well-needed as Nile and Kyle start to go for each other's throats to prove, once-and-for-all, which theory Collin likes better.

Also, It Gets Weird has a Patreon now! Woohoo! If you've been listening to the show but want to take our relationship to the next level, please visit our Patreon page and kick us a couple'a bucks! If you can! If you can't, we totally get it. Click here!